New Life International Ministries, Inc
ABOUT Our Pastor
Pastor Robin L Wright is a native of Memphis, Tennessee.  A graduate of South Side High School and a former instructor at University of Memphis (English).  

Robin is currently residing in Michigan and pastors New Foundations International Ministries, Inc., 19633 Joy Road in the city of Detroit as well as New Life Intenrational Ministries.

Robin served the Church of God in Christ as Supervisor - Department of Women and left following the death of her husband, General Board Member, Bishop Earl J Wright, Sr. in 2015.

She is the mother of two sons and three beautiful, well-mannered, intelligent grandsons. 

Pastor Wright is a teacher, trainer, evangelist, musician, and a lover of souls.  Her no nonsense approach to the Gospel produces messages that lift and edify.  For years, she was sought after by pastors and churches worldwide until her marriage to Bishop Wright constrained her to stay home more and take care of her aged spouse.

Pastor Wright has seen what titles, positions and "seats" can do to people and she strives to keep order and balance.  She also understands that there are those who will criticize her womanhood and ministry as being conflictory.  Her statement is, "Take it up with God."

Pastor Robin Wright has a gift for synergizing ministries, and as with New Life, she says, the focus cannot be on someone's Jewishness or Baptist affiliation.  The only One we lift up is Jesus Christ who is the Most Welcome Center of Attention.

In 2018, she plans to plant New Resurrection International Ministries, Inc in Missouri.  Pray for her strength and for her success in Christ.